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Qualifications from the UK’s leading infrared academy

“This was a very good course. The instructors were well informed, engaging and balanced the practical training with the theoretical training. Highly recommended to anyone seeking to improve their skills.”

Vasileios Sougkakis, University of Nottingham

“Very good course, the instructor & staff are very knowledgeable and approachable. Would highly recommend this course for obtaining a detailed insight into thermography.”

Mark Polson, Perception Drones

“iRed courses demonstrate deep understanding of thermography together with lots of experience, which helps candidates gain a wider appreciation of the subject.”

Alex Williamson, Map Air

“Fantastic course, instructed by some of the most knowledgeable people in industry. Both theory based and vocational, it’s a great mix of both.”

Robert Wade, Condor Ferries

“This was the perfect course for me! I’m already a thermal aerial practitioner but the course provided me with a lot of ideas for new lines of work. It also showed how to optimise the use of my existing equipment.”

Jan Sisson, Higher Eyes

“Thank you for your fantastic talk to our students. The feedback of your talk was great and students really enjoyed it. Some of them have already asked me about possibilities of doing projects with iRed.”

Dr. Hooshyar Assadullahi, University of Portsmouth

“Very good knowledge provided during the course and lots of information attained. The course very much exceeded expectations.”

Jamie Taylor, Atomic Weapons Establishment

“Very effective course – It was greatly appreciated the way you tailored the course to suit the knowledge, skills and experience of your attendees.”

Neil Eccles, Tata Steel

“A good introduction to the tools we have by a very knowledgeable tutor.”

Julian DiMarte, British Solar Renewables

“The thermography training course was well laid out and well paced.”

Ashley Warner, Emcor

“An excellent and comprehensive course. Highly recommended.”

Al Yong, Superfly Guys

“Very good and informative course, both theoretical and practical.”

Shaun Richardson, Goodwood Estate