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Short Courses

Short introduction courses for quick competency.

We’ve designed a range of short courses to help deliver quick competency to industry professionals. The courses cover the essential practical and theoretical skills required to start using thermal imaging as a tool.

The focused short courses are aimed towards those already working within the construction industry, and as such assume a foundation knowledge of their relevant industry.

Our Courses

Thermal Imaging for Buildings

3 Days | £995.00 ex. VAT

Learn how to use a thermal imaging camera to assess domestic properties and commercial buildings to identify areas of heat loss (or gain).

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Thermal Imaging for Drone Operators

3 Days | £995.00 ex. VAT

Learn how to use thermal imaging cameras on a drone and the basics of conducting an aerial thermal imaging survey.

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Thermal Imaging for Electrical Professionals

3 Days | £995.00 ex. VAT

Learn how to use a thermal imaging camera to identify poor connections, uneven loading and faulty equipment.

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Introduction to Thermal Imaging

1 Day | £295.00 ex. VAT

Learn the basics of infrared camera operation and the applications of thermal imaging within the commercial environment.

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Thermal Imaging Courses

Industry recognised thermal imaging training courses, accredited to national standards.

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