Registered ELCAS Provider for Accredited Thermography Courses 2017-06-16T16:03:08+00:00

iRed is proud to be a registered ELCAS provider.

As a registered ELCAS provider, servicemen can receive financial contribution from the MoD to attend our accredited thermography courses.

ELCAS Provider - No. 2082


The ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme) promotes lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. The scheme itself provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years. ELC funding is only available within the pursuit of higher level learning, and must therefore yield a nationally recognised qualification.

Delegates can use their ELCAS credits on the following courses:

PCN Category 1 General Thermography
PCN Category 2 Electromechanical / Civil
ABBE Certificate Domestic Building Thermography
ABBE Diploma Commercial Building Thermography

How Does It Work?

To register using your ELCAS credits you must first sign-in to the ELCAS website using your learner account details. From here, you can either search for iRed in the ELCAS providers list, or click the link below:

After going through the registration process, you will be issued with a CAN number and recieve confirmation of your credits. Then all you have to do is send both of these to us and we can then register you for any of our ELCAS eligible courses.

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