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iRed Course Testimonials

“Fantastic course, instructed by some of the most knowledgeable people in industry. Both theory based and vocational, it’s a great mix of both.”

Robert Wade, Condor Ferries
iRed Course Testimonials

“Course thoroughly met our expectations and gave us great confidence in our ability to use and understand our thermal camera.”

Chris Davies, Eastwood Media
iRed Course Testimonials

“Very good knowledge provided during the course and lots of information attained. The course very much exceeded expectations.”

Jamie Taylor, AWE
iRed Course Testimonials

“Very well presented and structured course, which exceeded expectations for a learning experience.”

Maxwell Murray, Chemring Energetics

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Drone Training Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Drones are an invaluable tool for surveying or inspections of buildings, electrical installations, solar farms, and much more. When combined with specialist sensors such as thermal imaging cameras, drones can provide accurate data – and reach where others cannot. Learning how to operate a drone allows professional surveyors, inspectors, and assessors to expand their skills. They are able to offer additional services which help clients save time and money. The range of sensors that can be used on a drone include:

  • Multispectral sensors for agriculture and viticulture
  • Thermal imaging sensors for heat loss surveys
  • Visual sensors for 3D mapping and modelling

If you want to operate a drone commercially in the UK, you will need to gain your Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This requires pilots to attend a training course and practical flight assessment at a CAA approved training centre known as a National Qualified Entity (NQE).

Training ensures you are both confident and competent in operating a drone. Not only does training ensure you are less likely to have an accident when flying, but also assures clients that you are capable of carrying out a service.

Experience in operating a drone is not essential for those attending a drone training course. However it is recommended that delegates are in possession of, or working towards, their Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

As a CAA Approved NQE, iRed provides expert training for new and existing drone pilots. Experienced instructors deliver training courses across the UK that aim to meet current and emerging commercial needs. The iRed Academy delivers innovative training for drone deployment technologies, as well as the use of remote sensors throughout industry. There are a wide variety of courses available for pilots to develop their skills and knowledge – and expand their range of commercial services.


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