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Aerial Thermography Category 1

5-Day Foundation Course

The Aerial Thermography Category 1 course builds upon our core foundation module with highly professional practical and theoretical UAV knowledge. The course contents are comprised of the iRed Category 1 and the APS Infrared Certificate courses, resulting in the UK’s first comprehensive aerial thermal imaging training course.


  • 5-day theoretical and practical course for drones
  • Conforms to ISO:18436 Standards
  • Surveying styles and techniques
  • Choosing appropriate equipment
  • Requires no previous experience

Who Should Attend

  • Those new to the industry wishing to gain a strong foundation in aerial thermal imaging
  • Existing pilots in possession of their PfCO looking to expand their range of services

Course Outcomes

  • How to correctly set-up a thermal imaging camera

  • How to process and undertake basic analysis of thermal images

  • Approaches to survey types, work-flow, camera selection and job costing

  • Determine the relevance of skyhooking, mapping, fixed-wing and autonomous flight

  • Understand codes & standards, diagnostics & prognostics and corrective actions

  • Understand pertinent air laws and relevant environmental conditions

Course Instructors

Steve Welland is an ex-forces instructor, CAA PfCO pilot and our UAV training manager. Steve has over 25 years of mechanical engineering and RC (Remote Control) flight experience, and is a fully qualified thermographer.

Norman Walker was the chairman for the UKTA for several years, helping develop the PCN Category 1 and PCN Category 2 thermography training courses. He’s PCN Category 3 qualified, holds a masters degree in maintenance engineering & management and has authored several BINDT approved infrared thermography handbooks.

Ray Faulkner – founder of iRed Ltd – is an ex-airline jet captain with over 15 years of commercial flying experience. In addition to this, he is a CAA PfCO pilot and PCN Category 3 qualified. Ray currently sits on the BINDT CM working group, and is a committee member with BSI for ISO Standards involving thermography.

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Further Information

Course Details

The Aerial Thermography Category 1 course has been designed to provide an introduction to the many aspects to be considered when buying, assembling and operating thermal imaging equipment for commercial aerial surveys. In addition to this, the course delivers fundamental skills and knowledge for general thermography, making it ideal for those looking to gain quick experience and competency to a high industry-standard.

The first 3 days of the course are based in our purpose-built training facility in Emsworth, Hampshire (just outside of Portsmouth). Delegates will share these days with students from the iRed Category 1, PCN Category 1 and ABBE Certificate courses, ensuring all attendees understand the essential principles of infrared thermography (radiometric imagery, emissivity, reflected apparent temperature etc.) before specialising in their last 2 days.

Subject to weather, one of the final days of the course features a practical session run from our Bosham base, with heated briefing room and workshop facilities. During the course, delegates will have the opportunity to plan, rig, test and execute an aerial thermographic survey.

The Aerial Thermography Category 1 course is ideal for those already comfortable with piloting a drone, however those new to the industry can gain a marketable advantage whilst having the opportunity to try out the latest in infrared and aerial equipment.

Assessment Criteria

Delegates are issued with the Aerial Thermography Category 1 qualification after successfully completing the course and submitting a portfolio of evidence to the iRed Academy for assessment.

Portfolio of Evidence: This consists of practical evidence from an infrared aerial survey, including environmental data, risk assessments, documents & procedures and any relevant outputs. Delegates can submit this either during the course or up to a year after course completion.

The practical flight excercise involves operating a gimballed infrared camera on a mock-survey, directing a trained pilot as appropriate. As such, delegates attending the course do not require Permissions for Commercial Operations (“PfCO“) or insurance(s).

iRed Academy Awarding Body

£1550 + VAT

Prices shown include tuition, course materials and daily lunch & refreshments.



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iRed Academy

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