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Accredited thermal imaging courses for inspectors.

Learn the fundamental skills and knowledge to start using thermal imaging as an inspection tool.

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CAA Approved Full-NQE | BINDT Approved Training Organisation | ABBE Accredited

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Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone Training Course

Thermography Category 1

Designed to deliver the essential skills and knowledge required for basic thermal imaging. Optional certification to ISO 18436 standards.

4 Days
£1400 ex. VAT
Optional BINDT Accreditation
Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone Training Course

Building Thermography Category 1

Thermal imaging course designed for surveying domestic properties. Optional ISO 6781 certification available.

5 Days
£1700 ex. VAT
Optional BINDT/ABBE Accreditation
Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone Training Course

Drone Thermography Category 1

Conforming to ISO 18436 standards, this comprehensive aerial thermal imaging course is ideal for new infrared drone pilots.

5 Days
£1700 ex. VAT
BINDT Accredited
Equine Thermography Category 1

Equine Thermography Course

Learn how to undertake basic equine (animal) scans to detect problem areas, assess training performance and monitor injury.

4 Days
£1250 ex. VAT

Category 2 Courses

Designed for practicing thermographers qualified to Category 1 standards.

Building Thermography Category 2

5 Days | £1700.00 ex. VAT

Enables delegates to lead a team of thermographers in the surveying of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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Electromechanical Thermography Category 2

5 Days | £1700.00 ex. VAT

Specialist thermal imaging course for undertaking advanced fault-finding and establishing condition monitoring programmes.

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Equine Thermographers Course

3 Days | £995.00 ex. VAT

Designed for practicing equine thermographers looking to learn advanced thermal pattern recognition and report writing.

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FLIR Premium Partner

We’ve been chosen by FLIR to become one of the few FLIR Premium Partners in the UK.

The partnership, awarded based on our industry experience, technical expertise and knowledge for infrared thermography, enables us to supply students with the latest equipment and commercial products from the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras.


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iRed training courses are delivered by industry experts, each with many years of teaching experience.

Our instructors have delivered hundreds of accredited thermal imaging courses, seminars, workshops and presentations since 2002. Courses have been delivered to multi-national organisations, global brands, universities, local authorities and small businesses throughout the world.

By working closely with leading educational institutions such as the University of Portsmouth, we’re able to ensure our courses are are constantly up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices from industry.

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As leaders within the remote sensing market, we’ve developed a range of specialist courses for drone operators. Courses have been designed for existing PfCO pilots looking to start within the commercial inspection and surveying industry.

Our team of engineers have been operating drones since 2012, developing custom aerial solutions for integration with specialist thermal cameras. By adapting thermal imaging technology and frequent innovations with infrared image quality, we were one of the first UK companies to offer aerial infrared inspections as a service.

All of our courses are kept up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices, ensuring they meet current commercial needs across a wide range of industry sectors.

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Our Category 1 thermography courses are suitable for those new to industry – requiring no previous experience or thermal imaging equipment.

Designed to deliver the fundamental skills and knowledge required for undertaking basic thermography, our Category 1 courses (often referred to as Level 1 or Foundation) are aimed at those looking to start offering thermal imaging as a professional service. Foundation course topics include basic thermographic principles, camera operation, data analysis and producing documentation to ISO standards.

Successful completion of a Category 1 course will enable delegates to use infrared cameras to detect surface temperatures.

Our Category 2 thermography courses are designed for practicing thermographers interested in leading a team of Category 1 thermographers in the surveying of commercial buildings or electrical installations.

Category 2 (often referred to as Level 2 or Advanced) courses are crafted to meet relevant scheme requirements, enabling delegates to conduct either BREEAM Credit or Home Quality Mark infrared surveys.

All qualified Category 2 thermographers are eligible are for listing on the UK Thermography Authority (UKTA) directory of approved thermographers. This directory is the industry-standard for verifying thermographers, and can be found here.

University of Portsmouth Thermal Imaging Training
“Thank you for your fantastic talk to our students. The feedback of your talk was great and students really enjoyed it. Some of them have already asked me about possibilities of doing projects with iRed.”
Dr. Hooshyar Assadullahi, University of Portsmouth
TATA Steel iRed Thermal Imaging Client
“Thank you for one of the most effective courses I have attended. It was greatly appreciated the way you tailored the course to suit the knowledge, skills and experience of your attendees.”
Neil Eccles, Tata Steel
Cardiff Metropolitan University
“I was very impressed by the approach developed by iRed for producing high resolution thermal images and it has encouraged me to read thermal images in a whole new way. I would highly recommend the training to others.”
Condor Ferries Thermal Imaging Logo
“Fantastic course, instructed by some of the most knowledgeable people in industry. Both theory based and vocational, it’s a great mix of both.”
Robert Wade, Condor Ferries

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A range of short courses to help deliver quick competency to industry professionals.

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