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Thermal Imaging for Drone Operators

An Introduction to Drone Thermal Imaging

Specialist aerial thermal imaging course for new and existing drone pilots.

The Thermal Imaging for Drone Operators course is designed specifically for commercial pilots who are new to using infrared cameras on drones. The introductory course will teach the pilot how to use infrared cameras on a drone and demonstrate how they can be used to conduct thermal imaging aerial surveys.

This thermal imaging course is ideal for existing drone pilots or those wishing to learn more about the correct use of infrared cameras, drone survey techniques, thermography and the interpretation of thermal images in order to expand their existing range of aerial commercial services.

The course provides an opportunity to try out the latest infrared cameras used for thermal imaging drone surveys and see a variety of the newest drone technology.

Course Content

Day 1

• Selecting an Infrared Drone Camera
• Thermal Imaging Camera Set Up
• Calibrating Your Infrared Camera
• Basics of Infrared Thermography

Day 2

• Drone Survey Techniques & Workflows
• Skyhooking & Mapping Flights
• Autonomous Drone Flight Considerations
• Software Considerations & Applications

Day 3

• Human Factors & Environmental Conditions
• Aerial Search & Rescue Techniques
• Interpretation of Thermal Images & Data
• Job Costing & Deliverables

Course content is subject to change

Course Details

There are major commercial advantages of using an infrared camera on a drone. It gives drone operators the chance to offer additional services to a range of clients.

Infrared cameras can be used to conduct aerial surveys of buildings, industrial plant, chimneys, heat vents, flare stacks and photovoltaic panels (solar panels). Infrared cameras on drones also have a vital part to play in search and rescue where they can be used to find missing persons.

There are many infrared cameras available on the market and they all have different features. Some of the models sold for drones are not suitable for certain tasks. The Thermal Imaging for Drone Operators course will help you to understand which infrared camera is most suitable for your requirements and budget. This will enable you to make an informed choice on purchasing or hiring the correct equipment for your thermal imaging aerial survey requirements.

Every infrared camera requires setting up correctly according to the task you want it to perform. The course will go through the menu parameters to show you how to prepare an infrared camera for different tasks. Everything from temperature range through to choice of colour pallet will be covered.

The sensors on an infrared camera are very sensitive and can become damaged if not used correctly. The lens is also very delicate and must be cleaned very delicately with the correct materials and technique. The course will demonstrate how to care for your infrared camera.

There are a number of techniques that can be used to conduct an aerial survey or search and rescue with a drone. The course will show you how you perform these tasks, whilst taking into account CAA regulations.

Infrared cameras capture temperature information in the form of thermal images. These thermal images can be read in different ways. They can also be read incorrectly. The APS Course will show you how to interpret the thermal imaging data correctly through proper camera set up and by using thermal image analysing software.

The Thermal Imaging for Drone Operators course will give drone pilots the knowledge to set up the infrared camera correctly, conduct an aerial thermographic survey and interpret the captured thermal images and data.

This course requires no previous drone experience or equipment.

Upon completion of the course the candidate shall have to pass a multi-choice examination.

A course certificate shall be issued to qualifying candidates that can be used as evidence towards obtaining a Civil Aviation Authority Operating Safety Case for flying a drone in congested areas.

An introductory course on drone thermography, the Thermal Imaging for Drone Operators course is available for those who wish to have a more basic understanding of thermal technology and drones.

The Drone Thermography Category 1 course is designed as a comprehensive course to gain an industry recognised qualification for thermography, specialising in drone surveys.

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