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Equine Thermography Category 2

Equine Thermal Imaging Technician Course

The Equine Thermography Category 2 allows practicing equine thermographers to develop their skills to a commercial level. The course delivers industry insight into leading reporting methods and techniques, and enables delegates to undertake advanced equine pattern recognition and analysis.


  • 3-day equine thermal imaging course
  • Requires Equine Thermography Category 1 qualification
  • Designed for practicing professionals
  • Conforms to ISO 18434 and ISO 18436 standards
  • Conforms to AAT Veterinary Infrared Thermography guidelines

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced / practicing equine thermographers

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the physiology of thermal patterns

  • Understand equine dermatomes and how to detect them

  • Undertake advanced equine pattern recognition and analysis

  • Undertake advanced equine reporting to commercial standards

Lead Course Instructor

Elaine Hall Dipl ICAT, MAAT, AFHEA is a certified thermographer and equine specialist. Elaine has trained globally with some of the world’s leading veterinary thermographers including Dr Tracy Turner, Prof. Ram Purohit, Dr Jim Waldsmith and Dr Ken Marcella; and is an active member of the UKTA, Veterinary Thermal Imaging Society, American Academy of Thermology (AAT) and International Equine Thermography Association.

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Further Information

Course Details

The Equine Thermography Category 2 course is designed for those wishing to undertake professional equine thermal imaging scans on a commercial basis. The course delivers industry insight into advanced techniques and practices, ideal for in-depth thermal pattern recognition and expert report writing.

Interested in equine thermal imaging for private use?

The Equine Thermography Category 1 course is suited for those wishing to undertake basic equine thermography, and delivers a well-rounded level of knowledge for private equine scans.

Assessment Criteria

Delegates are issued with the Equine Thermography Category 2 qualification after successful completion of the course and the assessment criteria listed below.

  • Multiple-choice exam
  • 10 x Summative scans*

*Summative scans are submitted after the course to the iRed Academy for general assessment.

iRed Academy Awarding Body

£1650 + VAT

Prices shown include tuition, course materials and daily lunch & refreshments.



CPD Hours

Awarding Body
iRed Academy

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