Equine Thermal Imaging Courses

Equine thermal imaging courses for practising professionals.

Learn how to identify nerve damage, bone injury, undiagnosed lameness and muscle damage in horses.

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Equine Thermography Category 1

Equine Thermal Imaging Technician Course

4 Days | £1500

Learn how to undertake basic equine (animal) scans to detect problem areas, assess training performance and monitor injury.

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Equine Thermography Category 1

Equine Thermographers Course

3 Days | £1194

Designed for practicing equine thermographers looking to learn advanced thermal pattern recognition and report writing.

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Equine Thermography (otherwise known as equine thermal imaging) is a non-invasive method of measuring heat emissions from the body, quickly identifying problem areas and accurately locating the source of aches and pains.

When scans are undertaken by a qualified equine thermographer, thermal cameras can quickly identify nerve damage, bone injury, undiagnosed lameness, muscle damage, tendon stress and soft-tissue damage in horses.

Our equine courses are ideal for those wanting to become qualified thermographers within the field of veterinary thermal imaging. They’ve been designed for practising veterinarians, animal physiotherapists, laser therapists and equine professionals. Successful completion of our courses will enable delegates to use infrared cameras to capture and analyse equine thermal images.

Conforming to ISO 18434 and ISO 18436 standards, our equine thermography courses enable delegates to start using thermal imaging as an invaluable tool for detecting problems areas (caused by inflammation or neurological injury), assessing training performance and monitoring injury.

iRed training courses are delivered by industry experts, each with many years of teaching experience.

Our instructors have delivered hundreds of accredited thermal imaging courses, seminars, workshops and presentations since 2002. Courses have been delivered to multi-national organisations, global brands, universities, local authorities and small businesses throughout the world.

By working closely with leading educational institutions such as the University of Portsmouth, we’re able to ensure our courses are are constantly up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices from industry.

Our equine courses are taught by Elaine Hall, a certified thermographer and equine specialist. Elaine has trained globally with some of the world’s leading veterinary thermographers; and is an active member of the UKTA, Veterinary Thermal Imaging Society, American Academy of Thermology (AAT) and International Equine Thermography Association.

To find out more about our instructors, visit ired.ac.uk/instructors

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