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Equine Thermography Category 1

Thermal Imaging Qualification

Equine thermal imaging is an invaluable tool for detecting problem areas and monitoring injury in horses

The Equine Thermography Category 1 course delivers the fundamental knowledge required for undertaking basic thermal imaging equine scans. The course is aimed at those new to industry, and does not require any previous experience or thermal imaging equipment.

Using thermal imaging cameras on horses (or warm-blooded animals) allows for the discovery of abnormal thermal patterns, the identification of potential error sources and the assessment of training performance. The Equine Thermography Category 1 course conforms to ISO 18434 and ISO 18436 standards, with the course content conforming to AAT Veterinary Guidelines for Infrared Thermography.

Course Content

• Principles of Infrared Thermography
• Equipment and Data Acquisition
• Thermal Image Processing
• Basic Reporting for Equine Scans
• Basic Equine Pattern Recognition

• Basics of Equine Anatomy & Physiology
• Setting up an IR Camera
• Applications of Thermography
• Thermal Imaging Best Practice
• Pre-scan, Scan and Post-scan Procedures

Certification Options


The Equine Thermography Category 1 qualification, certified by the iRed Academy.

Assessment Requirements:
1 x iRed Examination
5 x Formative Scans Submitted for Assessment

£1450.00 ex. VAT

Course Details

£1450.00 ex. VAT


Entry Criteria
This course requires no previous thermal imaging experience or equipment

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