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Learn how to use specialist, remote sensors on drones for commercial and industrial inspections.

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CAA Approved Full-NQE | BINDT Approved Training Organisation | ABBE Accredited

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CAA Approved Drone Training Course

CAA Approved PfCO Training

3 Days | £720

Commercial drone training course for pilots looking to attain their ‘Permissions for Commercial Operations’ from the CAA.

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Operating Safety Case Drone Course

Operating Safety Case Course

3 Days | £720

This course delivers the knowledge and framework for creating an Operating Safety Case (OSC) for congested areas.

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Thermal Imaging Drone Training Course

Thermal Imaging for Drone Operators

3 Days | £720

Learn how to use thermal imaging cameras on a drone and the basics of conducting an aerial thermal imaging survey.

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Multispectral Drone Training Course

Multispectral for Drone Operators

3 Days | £720 | Lantra Approved

Create reflectance maps, index maps (NDVI, NDRE) and orthomosiacs for professional agricultural analysis and reporting.

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Photogrammetry Drone Training Course

Photogrammetry for Drone Operators

3 Days | £720

Learn how to create and analyse orthomosiacs, 3D models and accurate terrain models with data collected from a drone.

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Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone Training Course

Drone Thermal Imaging Category 1

5 Days | £2040 | BINDT Accredited

Conforming to ISO 18436 standards, this comprehensive aerial thermal imaging course is ideal for new infrared drone pilots.

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Search and Rescue Drone Training Course

Search & Rescue for Drone Operators

3 Days | £720

Learn how to effectively conduct search & rescue operations with your drone, designed for the emergency services.

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Inspections Drone Training Course

Inspections for Drone Operators

3 Days | £720

Learn how to set-up and operate your aerial platform to conduct industrial inspections for a multitude of applications.

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Photovoltaic Drone Training Course

Photovoltaic Inspections Course

3 Days | £720

Learn how to detect and accurately locate faulty cells, string-errors, defective diodes and PID faults on solar farm installations.

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Get qualified to operate a drone for commercial operations

Our CAA-Approved commercial drone training course is designed for pilots looking to attain their PfCO.

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We’ve delivered over 15,000 days of training for local authorities, public bodies and global brands.

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Our drone training programmes teach commercial inspection skills to new and existing pilots.

Drones are a great tool for non-contact measurement and inspections. When equipped with quality sensors, these aerial platforms can help save clients both time and money.

Our courses teach delegates how to operate drones for commercial inspections. Using thermal imaging, multispectral and photogrammetry sensors for a wide range of applications. These include:

  • Multispectral sensors for agriculture and viticulture
  • Thermal imaging sensors for heat loss surveys
  • Visual sensors for 3D modelling and photogrammetry

iRed is also approved as a Full-NQE by the Civil Aviation Authority. This means we can offer remote pilot certificates for those looking to gain their PfCO.

We train delegates on both small and large aerial platforms. These can range from drones capable of carrying large payloads, to smaller platforms with visual sensors.

We help pilots to expand their range of commercial services.

iRed is the UK’s leading provider of industrial inspection drone training courses. All courses are crafted to meet current commercial needs, over a broad range of sectors.

Our team has decades of experience with remote sensors, and is up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices. So whether you’re a practicing drone pilot, inspector or just starting out, we’re here to help.

We’re one of the few drone operators to have an Operating Safety Case (OSC) from the CAA.

This means that whilst other operators are governed by a 50 metre safety cordon, our pilots are only limited to a 20 metre cordon. This enables us to fly where other operators cannot, such as in congested areas or closer to buildings.

By having an OSC, we’re not only able to help and advise other drone pilots on how to achieve one – but we’re able to train delegates how to safely and efficiently conduct commercial surveys at shorter distances.

iRed training courses are delivered by industry experts, each with many years of teaching experience.

Our instructors have delivered hundreds of accredited thermal imaging courses, seminars, workshops and presentations since 2002. Courses have been delivered to multi-national organisations, global brands, universities, local authorities and small businesses throughout the world.

By working closely with leading educational institutions such as the University of Portsmouth, we’re able to ensure our courses are are constantly up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices from industry.

To find out more about our instructors, visit ired.ac.uk/instructors

Start a new career as a drone pilot.

Commercial drone training course for pilots looking to attain their PfCO from the CAA.

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