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Drone Thermography Category 1

Drone Thermal Imaging Course

Professional drone thermal imaging course conforming to the BS EN ISO 18436 standard.

The Drone Thermography Category 1 course is an industry recognised qualification that conforms to the ISO 18436 standard. The comprehensive course is designed specifically for commercial drone pilots who are new to using infrared cameras on drones. The course is essential for drone pilots wishing to conduct photovoltaic (solar panel) surveys in order to conform with the BS EN ISO 62446-3 standard.

The Drone Thermography Category 1 course is ideal for existing drone pilots or those wishing to gain an industry recognised qualification as a Category 1 Thermographer. Having an industry recognised qualification makes you more employable and valuable to clients, enabling you to gain a commercial advantage over your competitors.

Qualified thermal imaging drone operators have the ability to offer additional services to a range of clients for conducting thermal inspections, solar panel inspections (photovoltaic) and search & rescue emergency response.

Course Content

Day 1

• Selecting an Infrared Drone Camera
• Thermal Imaging Camera Set Up
• Calibrating Your Infrared Camera
• Basics of Infrared Thermography

Day 2

• Human Factors & Environmental Conditions
• Aerial Search & Rescue Techniques
• Drone Survey Techniques & Workflows
• Skyhooking & Mapping Flights

Day 3

• Multirotor Flights
• Fixed-Wing Flights
• Autonomous Drone Flight Considerations
• Software Considerations & Applications

Day 4

• Interpretation of Thermal Images & Data
• Job Costing & Deliverables
• Professional Reporting & Documentation
• Aerial Thermal Image Processing

Day 5

• Commercial Infrared Inspections with a Drone
• Applications for Aerial Thermal Imaging
• Course Revision Session
• Final multi-choice assessment

Course content is subject to change

Course Details

The Drone Thermal Imaging Category 1 course includes all of the elements of the Aerial Payload Specialist Infrared Certificate and the Thermograhy Category 1 course. It expands upon the practical workflows, procedures and business applications. The comprehensive course will teach drone operators how to use thermography as a professional tool both on the ground and in the air.

The course includes studying the principles of infrared thermography through the use of infrared cameras, including drone mounted, tripod mounted and hand held units.

Practical commercial applications include how to conduct electrical inspections, thermal building surveys, damp inspections, locate water leaks, photovoltaic inspections (solar farm inspections) and search and rescue.

Myths about infrared cameras will be dispelled by the course as it will demonstrate the strengths and limitations of thermal technology by showing examples what it can and cannot do. Understanding how infrared camera technology works is a fundamental part of being able to use the thermal imaging equipment successfully, and a crucial aspect of being a skilled thermographer.

The course shall look at the current infrared drone cameras and aerial platforms available. These shall be matched to the commercial application that is most suitable. Case studies are used to demonstrate the practical applications of different survey techniques that can be used with infrared cameras on a drone as well as on the ground.

A detailed study of the captured thermal images and any radiometric data using thermal image analysing software forms a large part of the post-production workflow. Drawing the correct conclusions from thermal data is an important aspect of thermography.

Once a thermographic survey has been completed the client will want a report detailing the results of the thermal inspection. This needs to be presented in a format that is easy for the client to understand. The course will show you how to present the data to produce a meaningful report for your client.

The Drone Thermography Category 1 course will give drone pilots the knowledge to use infrared cameras in the air as well as the ground for the collection of thermal image data.

This course requires no previous drone experience or equipment.

For an additional fee (+£300.00 ex. VAT) delegates can sit the optional PCN examination (accredited by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) to become certified to the BS EN ISO 18436 standard. For more information, please call +44 (0)1243 370 296 or email [email protected]

Successful completion of the Drone Thermography Category 1 qualification requires delegates to pass an iRed examination and submit five aerial thermal imaging reports to the iRed Academy for assessment.

The iRed examination (multiple-choice) will take place on the last day of the course, and the five aerial thermal imaging reports can be submitted to the iRed Academy up to a year after course completion.

The Drone Thermography Category 1 qualification can be used as evidence towards obtaining a Civil Aviation Authority Operating Safety Case for flying a drone in congested areas.

The Drone Thermography Category 1 course is designed as a comprehensive course to gain an industry recognised qualification for thermography, specialising in drone surveys. An introductory course on drone thermography – the APS Infrared Certificate – is available for those who wish to have a more basic understanding of thermal technology and drones.

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