Building Thermal Imaging Category 1

Professional Thermal Imaging Course for the Built Environment

Industry-recognised thermal imaging qualification, designed for surveying domestic properties.

The Building Thermal Imaging Category 1 course delivers the necessary knowledge and practical skills to set up in business as a residential infrared thermographer.

The course focuses on the construction and pathology of houses within the context of thermal imaging, and includes a practical surveying exercise where delegates prepare for, carry out and report on a thermal imaging survey of a local building.

ISO 6781 Certification (+ £840.00)

ISO 6781 certification – also known as the ABBE Certificate in Domestic Thermography qualification – is awarded by the Awarding Body of the Built Environment (ABBE). This requires delegates to attend the Building Thermal Imaging Category 1 course and submit a portfolio of coursework (including 3 thermal imaging reports and associated documents) for assessment.

Delegates looking to become accredited to an ISO standard under this scheme will also have to sit two externally assessed exams, both of which are included within the course fee.

For delegates achieving the optional ISO 6781 certification, this course will enable them to undertake Home Quality Mark thermal imaging surveys in accordance with BRE requirements.

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Building Thermal Imaging Course
Building Thermal Imaging Course
Building Thermal Imaging Course

Course Content

Day 1

• Thermal Camera Set-Up
• Thermal Camera Operation
• Thermal Camera Calibration
• Basics of Infrared Thermal Imaging

Day 2

• Thermal Image Processing
• Practical Exercises
• Condition Monitoring
• Basic Fault Detection

Day 3

• Professional Practice
• Emissivity, RAT and IFoV
• Thermal Imaging Best Practice
• Reporting and Documentation

Day 4

• Domestic Property Construction
• Pathology of Domestic Properties
• Undertaking a Thermal Survey

Day 5

• Diagnostics and Prognostics
• Applications of Thermal Imaging
• Course Revision Session

Course content is subject to change

Course Details

This building thermal imaging course teaches students how to use thermal cameras to inspect domestic properties. Once completed, delegates will be able to conduct thermal imaging housing stock surveys for houses, flats and dwellings.

The five day infrared training course demonstrates the fundamentals of camera operation, and explains how to undertake professional thermographic surveys.

Using thermal imaging cameras to test the building fabric allows for the quick identification of air leakage and heat loss. By assessing heat transfers within the built environment, trained thermographers will be able to improve energy efficiency and monitor building performance.

This thermal imaging course is the only building specific qualification in the UK that can be accredited to the ISO 6781 standard.

This course requires no previous thermal imaging experience or equipment.

For an additional fee (+£700.00 ex. VAT) delegates can be assessed to the requirements of ABBE (the Awarding Body of the Built Environment) to become certified to the BS EN ISO 6781 standard. For more information, please call +44 (0)1243 370 296 or email [email protected]

Successful completion of the Building Thermal Imaging Category 1 qualification requires delegates to pass an examination and submit five thermal imaging reports to the iRed Academy for assessment.

The examination (multiple-choice) will take place on the last day of the course, and the five thermal imaging reports can be submitted to the iRed Academy up to a year after course completion.

iRed is an industry-leading thermal imaging consultancy and training centre, providing specialist thermal imaging surveys and accredited infrared training across the UK and worldwide.

In operation before thermal imaging had been accepted as a mainstream inspection tool, iRed has always used the latest techniques, technologies and industry practices to deliver thermal analysis solutions for a variety of clients within commercial, industrial and scientific industries.

iRed works closely with leading education institutions including the University of Portsmouth and Coleg Cambria. In doing so, the team has been able to pioneer new techniques and practices for industry. This has led to iRed being accredited by both the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and the Awarding Body of the Built Environment.

iRed training courses are delivered by industry experts, each with many years of teaching experience.

Our instructors have delivered hundreds of accredited thermal imaging courses, seminars, workshops and presentations since 2002. Courses have been delivered to multi-national organisations, global brands, universities, local authorities and small businesses throughout the world.

By working closely with leading educational institutions such as the University of Portsmouth, we’re able to ensure our courses are are constantly up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices from industry.

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For those interested in a taster session before attending a level 1 thermal imaging course, our one-day introduction to thermography course is available.

If you wish to attend a foundation course after attending the introduction to thermography, we’ll take the cost of the course off of your chosen Category 1 course.

As a registered ELCAS provider (No. 4646), servicemen can receive financial contribution from the MoD to attend this accredited course. The scheme provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment, and is available for a maximum of three separate financial years.

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