Awarding Bodies

The iRed Academy is the leading provider of third-party accredited (certified) thermal imaging courses. Our courses – delivered by industry experts – are designed to either ISO 18436 or ISO 6781 standards.

BINDT Thermography Courses


BINDT, the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, is a professional body for engineers and other technical professionals involved in non-destructive testing and condition monitoring in the UK. As such, it is the main provider of internationally recognised professional thermographic qualifications.

ABBE Awarding Body of the Built Environment Courses


ABBE, the Awarding Body of the Built Environment, is an Ofqual regulated organisation that ensures a high quality of assessment throughout the UK. All ABBE awards are developed in conjunction with industry representatives and Sector Skills Councils.

iRed Academy Thermal Imaging Training

iRed Academy

The iRed Academy has been awarding industry-recognised infrared qualifications since 2005. These qualifications serve as an alternative to ISO certified training, with courses designed to meet individual needs.

Relevant Organisations

UKTA UK Thermography Authority


The UK Thermography Authority (UKTA) is an association for all those involved with infrared thermography. Created as a centre of excellence for the rapidly developing fields within infrared thermography, the UKTA helps to promote the technology and science as a whole.

ELCAS Thermal Imaging Courses


The ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme) promotes lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. The scheme itself provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years.

BINDT PCN Infrared Training Courses


PCN, the Personal Certificate in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), is a BINDT accredited qualification that’s known around the world. PCN qualifications can only be attained from BINDT Approved Training Organisations (such as iRed), who are subject to rigorous assessment to ensure the highest standard of professional service.

ISO Standards

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) produces hundreds of standards every year covering multiple topics and disciplines. In the UK, we utilise BS EN ISO Standards – BS meaning ‘British Standard’ and EN meaning ‘European Norm’. Some organisations require staff to be certified (accredited) to a particular standard (to satisfy insurance requirements for example), wheras others simply need to be compliant (unaccredited).

Getting trained to a certified ISO standard gives you a marketable edge, and is generally considered to be an industry-standard. In the case of thermography, there are currently two relevant ISO standards – these are ISO 6781 and ISO 18436. Other than fulfilling the requirements from insurance companies, the main difference in these two standards is their ability to satisfy current and future scheme requirements set by governing bodies (such as the UKTA).

The iRed Academy is currently the only training provider for ISO 6781 certified courses, and one of the few to offer ISO 18436 certified courses.

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