Approved Thermographer

An industry-recognised mark of compliance within the thermal imaging industry.

Approved Thermographer Badge

The iRed Approved Thermographer badge is intended for use on websites, brochures and marketing material. The logo, awarded after the successful completion of an iRed Category 1 course, enables graduates to demonstrate their competence for thermal imaging and their awareness of best practice within industry.

Before using our Approved Thermographer or Certified thermographer badges, please be sure to follow our basic rules:

  1. Do not alter the shape, proportion, colour or orientation of the Approved Thermographer or Certified Thermographer logos.
  2. Provide at least as much padding around the logo as what we’ve displayed above. This helps our logo appear clean and uncluttered.
  3. Online usage of our logo on websites should include a link to our website,

If you have any questions about our logo usage, you can reach us here.

Approved Thermographer Logo
Approved Thermographer Logo


Certified Thermographer Badge

The iRed Certified Thermographer badge is for delegates who have completed an iRed Category 1 course and have successful submitted five thermal imaging reports to the iRed Academy for assessment.

Digital badging allows individuals to share verifiable certifications online on email signatures, digital resumes, and social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Who is eligible to use the logo?

The iRed Certified logo is designed for successful graduates of the iRed Academy. Once a Category 1 course has been completed and five thermal imaging reports have been submitted and successfully assessed by our instructors, graduates can use the logo to promote themselves as an iRed Certified thermographer.

Already completed a Category 1 course? Get in touch with a learning advisor today to get a copy of the Certified Thermographer badge.

Certified Thermographer-07
University of Portsmouth Thermal Imaging Training
“Thank you for your fantastic talk to our students. The feedback of your talk was great and students really enjoyed it. Some of them have already asked me about possibilities of doing projects with iRed.”
Dr. Hooshyar Assadullahi, University of Portsmouth
TATA Steel iRed Thermal Imaging Client
“Thank you for one of the most effective courses I have attended. It was greatly appreciated the way you tailored the course to suit the knowledge, skills and experience of your attendees.”
Neil Eccles, Tata Steel
Cardiff Metropolitan University
“I was very impressed by the approach developed by iRed for producing high resolution thermal images and it has encouraged me to read thermal images in a whole new way. I would highly recommend the training to others.”
Condor Ferries Thermal Imaging Logo
“Fantastic course, instructed by some of the most knowledgeable people in industry. Both theory based and vocational, it’s a great mix of both.”
Robert Wade, Condor Ferries

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